Environmental (1→3) β – Beta Glucan Report
This report is a “SAMPLE” only

Project Name: Palmer HouseAddress: 156 Wile CircleCity: Carson City
State: NevadaZip: 75106Date of Report: 01/15/15
Submitted by: Mark PriceLocation Tested: HVAC unit
Date Received: 01/13/15Location Tested: Kitchen

1,3 β – Beta Glucan
Required Media: Dust, Bulk, Water, Swab

1,3 β – Beta Glucan
1,3 β – beta glucan Test
__X__   Positive  ____Negative
Value:   Present

All tests are performed using an Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbant Assay (ELISA). The tests at BioTrek Laboratories have been validated as a qualitative test. All mycotoxin reports are present, or not present results, the numeric toxin values have been included.